Create a plan for your future

You might already know that at CUC Far West we support people studying distance degrees… What you may not know is that we can also help you find the right education pathway for your future careers; whether you are a school leaver looking into post-school options and preference selections or a non-school leaver looking for a career change.
Following a few steps, we can help you work out what jobs suit your interests and abilities and work with you to develop a plan to help reach your goal.
Work out your goals and values

Knowing your goals and values helps you find a career that matches your interests and what you want out of life.

Work out your preferences.

Your preferences are the things you like to do, as well as the things you prefer not to do. i.e., you like to work with your hands, and you’re not so good at studying, or you like to be outside, and you’re not so good with computers. A great tool to help you understand your work style and explore careers is Career Quiz.

Consider the options

Using the information you give us we look into what education providers (can be for on-campus or distance education) suit your needs best and narrow down your options.

Develop a strategy

Now you’ve got a shortlist of careers and study options we help you manage applications to institutions and identify potential scholarships.

Remember: Things can change; we can assist you to adjust your plan and keep working towards your goal.