Applying for university in 2020? UAC is open now!


It may seem like 2020 is in the distant future. But you can get a head start on that university application – right now!

If you want to study online, you can apply through UAC and get your application all done before the HSC revision really kick off.

UAC open dates


You can start planning out which courses you wanted to study and at which unis – right now. UAC application open dates have changed from August to April

So what does this mean…

Should you apply early?


The UAC website has detailed course information – more courses will be added as they become available and all course information will be on the website from August. Information about different universities including admission criteria and entry schemes, and scholarships and financial assistance. And all the important updates on applying for Schools Recommendation Schemes, Educational Access Schemes and Equity Scholarships.

Contact CUC Far West to help research your options and start applying!

The benefit of UAC opening in April is that you’re starting the whole process much earlier. You’re getting applications out of the way so you can focus on more important things – like passing your exams.

So here’s your next steps list ready for you to smash.

  1. Contact CUC to discuss your
  2. Research
  3. Apply for university
  4. Get your application in for Schools Recommendation Schemes, Equity Scholarships and Education Access Scheme
  5. Order your course preferences for early offers
  6. Get your ATAR
  7. Review your course preferences
  8. Get your offer
  9. Accept and enrol
  10. Register for CUC access and supports


Tip before you start the UAC process


  1. Do your research. Knowing which courses you’d like to study before you begin the application process will make your life a whole lot easier.
  2. Use UAC’s Course Compass –  Course Compass is based on historical data from NSW but can be used by Year 12 students from anywhere in Australia. If one of your Year 12 courses are not listed, don’t worry – just select all those that you can. When choosing the direction to take in your university studies, consider your interests and abilities and whether you can meet the admission criteria.
  3. Consider applying for the Schools Recommendation Scheme. If you get into uni early, it will take even more pressure off you come exam time.
  4. Be aware of key dates. Put them on the fridge. Put them in your diary. Make sure you put them somewhere!
  5. Chat to your school career adviser or CUC Far West Centre ManagerThey’ll have plenty of info and insights about getting into uni.