Education for All

We support your studies in any distance education degree from any Australian University.

Emma Reeves, Bachelor of Applied Psychology, Australian College of Applied Psychology

“A well set out facility that has everything you need! A really ambient, respectful study space that gives you that uni feel – really helps to get work done!”

Hannah Schultz,  Bachelor of Education (Primary), Swinburne University

“CUCFW has greatly impacted on the quality of study I achieve. I have small children at home and access to the centre has provided me with some time away from the house, in a quiet area, allowing me to focus deeply on my studies.”

Courtney Hurley, Bachelor of Nursing, Central Queensland University

“This facility helps us students so much to study and to connect with others who are studying. Finally some support!”

Kira Pittaway, Bachelor of Education, University of New England

“The centre is amazing, ever since I moved back from university I have been searching for the perfect study place, for me when I’m here I can focus totally on my uni work without distraction.” 

Andrew Schultz, Graduate Diploma in Building Surveying, University of Western Sydney

“Having access to a quiet, well-resourced space means I can avoid distractions and focus on the tasks at hand. I’ve tried studying at home- the kids come in to see what I’m doing; at work- people ask “just a quick question”; at the library – other users are too noisy. Because it’s purpose is focussed, CUCFW provides exactly whats needed.”


At the Country Universities Centre, we work with communities to bring higher education degrees closer.