Printing Costs

Black and white A4 single-sided        $0.09
Black and white A4 double-sided      $0.17
Black and white A3 single-sided        $0.14
Black and white A3 double-sided      $0.26
Colour A4 single-sided                      $0.42
Colour A4 double-sided                     $0.84
Colour A3 single-sided                       $0.77
Colour A3 double-sided                     $1.54

Printing Credit

Top up your account by transferring funds to
Account: Far West UC Ltd
BSB: 802377
Account: 37738533
Reference: printing first initial and last name

Email with a payment reference number

1. Enter your papercut login detail on the pop up that appears when you log in to a CUC Far West computer termina. PRO TIP: use drop down tab to select ‘until logged off’
2. Proceed to print as normal ensuring your print preferences are correct
3. Swipe using your access card at the copier to release print

Logging in & setting your password
Go to the CUCFW webprint  URL http://cucf-wsnuc01:9191/user you will be presented with login splash screen.
To log in, enter your username, this is your first initial followed by your surname in all lower casing (i.e. John Smith would log in asjsmith), your default password is “password”.

Change Details
Upon successful login you should be presented with your summary page where you can see your printing statistics, to change your password from the default click the option in the left sidebar with the label “Change Details”.

This will open up the password change dialogue where you can enter your new password of choice. YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD
You’ll know if it was successfully updated if the small confirmation bar appears above this change details page.

How to link your card to your Papercut Account
Go to the copier and you will be presented with the below screen

Present your card to the card reader, you will be prompted to link it to your account by entering your Papercut Username and password and clicking login

Once done, you will be informed that your card has been linked and you can now log in and use the copier…click OK. Your swipe card is now linked to your account and will be used to release print jobs or photocopy.


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