Benefits Studying at Home

We deliver on the need to provide local higher education opportunities for our regional and rural community.

Benefits from studying in the Far West

Country Universities Centre Far West delivers on the need to provide local higher education opportunities for our regional and rural community with a higher than average proportion of low socio-economic students. The benefits include:

  • Students remain living in the local area while undertaking further education, so as to reduce the migration of intellectual and economic capital from the Far West to urban areas;
  • Obtaining a university education is potentially cheaper for students who can be academically and administratively supported by the CUC Far West and no longer have to relocate and find expensive accommodation in distant urban or large regional centres;
  • Local businesses and government facilities can access people with university qualifications locally, without having to design incentive packages to attract those people to the Far West from outside the area;
  • The CUC is an additional participant in the educational community of local schools, TAFE and RTO’s, and an interface between students (current and past) and local employers of graduates;
  • Students can design university research tasks around local challenges and opportunities, to the benefit of the whole community; and
  • The Far West region will become a more attractive place to live and work for families, as higher education opportunities can be sought locally.
10 things you should know about the Country Universities Centre Far West:

1. Accessibility

Online learning is available to everyone and with our supportive environments like what is offered at CUC Far West, you can overcome barriers or restrictions that can limit engagement, providing the flexibility to accommodate your specific individual needs. The Far West Centre is easily accessible from 7am – midnight.

2. Flexibility

You choose how and when you want to study!

3. Stay home and save money

You save on costs associated with relocation, city parking, public transport and petrol.

4. Maximise your time

Online study within your regional city enables you to save a lot of time and energy. You’re not restricted to a rigid timetable and don’t have to waste valuable time waiting around for classes – time that could be better used to study, work or see family and friends.

5. Lots of course options

There are a broad range of courses available online. Your options are endless.

6. Study at your own pace

Some people pick things up quickly and can power through course material, while others need more time to digest and review.

7. Work when you want

As a distance education student you don’t have to worry about your work hours and taking time off to attend classes. Research demonstrates that students who are working and studying benefit from being able to apply their learning to their work and vice versa.

8. Student support

At Country Universities Centre Far West you can receive support and immediate feedback from our Centre staff, and an opportunity to engage with other students face to face.

9. High Tech

The latest technology is available at Country Universities Centre Far West. The high tech facility enhances the ability of students to communicate with fellow students and teachers effectively.

10. Networking opportunities

Utilising the Centre to study will enable you to broaden your professional network. Rather than just meeting online students, you will be able to connect to a diverse range of people who can offer their advice and support for local networks.


At the Country Universities Centre, we work with communities to bring higher education degrees closer.